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Working with Capital Fence & Construction

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for your protection and ours. If you decide to file the job with your town/city or village, we can cover/insure the town or you, depending on what’s needed to ensure everyone is comfortable with the coverage and secure the permit before we begin.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on your work?

We offer a ONE-year workmanship guarantee from the date of installation.

Will a deposit be needed to start a project?

Yes, we require a 50% upfront deposit. This allows us to purchase a portion of the material on your behalf.

What form of payments are accepted?

We do accept credit cards. Like many businesses, we will be applying a 3.9% credit card convenience fee. If you do not wish to pay that, we also take cash, personal checks, certified bank checks and Zelle.

Is there an option to finance a project?

At this time, we do not have a financing option. We are happy to consult you during the time of your estimate on different options for your fence.

Planning for a fence

What type of material is best for a fence?

The real answer to this question is it depends. You may like the wood fence look, but it has some upkeep. And while vinyl fencing offers many color options, it is more costly. If you need a simple solution, a chain link fence may provide what you want. During your free estimate, we will help you see what is possible for your property and give you investment choices as well.

Is a property survey needed to install a fence?

If you have one, it’s good to have it ready when we come to your home. The last thing you want after having a beautiful fence is to have to move it.

Is a permit needed within the city, town or village where the fence will go?

This depends on you as the homeowner. Some towns, cities, and villages have strict building departments. We are happy to work with you either way.

What points of access are important?

As you think about adding a fence, it’s important to consider your daily life. Adding gates allows you to enter and exit with heavy items, gardening equipment, and large items like patio furniture.

Delivery of material

Where will the material be left?

When we come for your at-home estimate, we will look at where the material will be dropped off and communicate that to our supplier.

Does anyone need to be home for the delivery?

Not at all. There is nothing for you to worry about or sign for.

Installation day

Does anything need to be moved?

If the area we will be working in is clear, we can get to work immediately. We would appreciate it if you could

Will there be power available to us?

We will need some sort of power for our tools. If you do not have outdoor power, we will need to decide on how and where the power will be generated.

Will there be a working outdoor spigot for water?

We’ll need a working spigot to mix our materials, hose off anything that got dusty and make sure your fence looks great when you see it complete for the first time.

Caring for your fence

How can you maximize the life of your fence?

Depending on the material you decide to use, there are many ways to ensure your fence stays good for years to come. If you choose wood, it should be weatherproofed with a quality product and reapplied according to the manufactures recommendations. A good pressure washing every year or two is sufficient if you have a vinyl fence. The same for aluminum and chainlink fences.

What if something breaks?

From wear and tear, gate hardware, picket caps, post caps and things of that nature will break. You can always call us, so we can help you replace those items.