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Chain Fences

Adding a vinyl-coated chain link fence or galvanized chain link fence to your home or rental property offers many benefits.

Outline a Boundary: Depending on the look and feel you’re going for, chain link fence is a good choice to surround an area and declare your property from your neighbor or municipality.

Prevent Access: Many customers want a fence made from chain link to keep people or animals out of their property as the material tends to last a long time.

Stop Escape: An chain link fence can be smart to keep animals or small children from wandering out of your yard and into dangerous situations.

All of the chain link fence fencing we sell and install is made either from residential or commercial weight-coated or galvanized metal.

Capital Fence & Construction proudly installs chain link fences throughout Westchester County. Below are the options for you to choose from. If you need help selecting the best fence for your home or business, you can call (914) 572-4339 or email us with any questions you have!

Privacy Fence With Old English Lattice

system 21 Coated Chain link

Privacy Fence With Old English Lattice


dog runs and deer fences

dog kennel & deer fence


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