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 Semi-Privacy Vinyl

The second most popular type of vinyl fence is semi-private, which means there are varying widths between the boards. Customers like this option of fence because it feels less closed in from what a Privacy fence offers. They also like it because it allows air to pass through, and can be considered “neighbor conscious” since both sides of the fence look the same.

It comes in 35 different color options, and for those looking for a wood style without the upkeep, there are 5 styles to choose from. Heights range depending on style from -6′, 5′, and 4′ high.

Always crafted from 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl for structural integrity and Installed with routed posts – no exposed fasteners or brackets.

Many customers prefer the semi-private option but add a lattice or picket top for decoration.

Capital Fence & Construction proudly sells and installs semi-privacy vinyl fences throughout Westchester County. Below are the options for you to choose from. If you need help selecting the best fence for your home or business, you can call (914) 572-4339 or email us with any questions you have!

Semi-Privacy Horizontal

Semi-Privacy Horizontal w/ 3" boards

Semi-Privacy 3" or 6"

Semi-Privacy w/ 3" or 6" boards

Semi-Privacy Alternating Boards

Semi-Privacy w/ Alternating Boards

Semi-Privacy Diagonal Lattice

Semi-Privacy w/ Diagonal lattice

Semi-Privacy Small Diagonal Lattice

Semi-Privacy w/ Small Lattice

Semi-Privacy Square Lattice

Semi-Privacy w/ Square Lattice

Semi Privacy Lattice Top

Semi-Privacy 3" or 6" Boards w/ O.E. Lattice

Semi Privacy Straight Picket Top

Semi-Privacy w/ Straight Picket Top

Semi-Privacy Framed Picket Top

Semi-Privacy w/ Framed Picket Top

Semi-Privacy Stepped Picket Top

Semi-Privacy w/ Stepped Picket Top

Semi-Privacy Scalloped Picket Top

Semi-Privacy w/ Scalloped Picket Top

Semi-Privacy Crowned Picket

Semi-Privacy w/ Crowned Picket Top

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